Why do we keep restarting our 'WHYs'

We will find our ‘WHY’. It comes easier to understand as we mature, and see a couple of weak WHYs along the way.


Jimmy doesn’t have trouble being productive, he has full confidence he can achieve whatever he wants and tackle big projects in life. However, his obsession with starting over is stopping him at every point in his life whether it be entrepreneurship, sports, studying, building connections,... He just keeps starting over.

There are many people struggling with this compulsion to “Restart”. Switching sports, learning new languages, side projects, etc. There's is nothing like the thrill of the firsts days, when everything is potential (what it can become in the future), everything is novel and grows faster, the learning curve is steeper, and we feel we learn fast too.

Nevertheless, there's always a plateau in that curve, we need to put more effort in exchange for the same perceived unit of performance, and it feels like something is not right. Then it feels better to start over.

Something helpful to avoid this trap is to work harder on our WHYs. Why did we start in the first place? Every project worth doing will take an important part in our life. If the WHY is strong it will help us to bring the surrounding noise down and stick to our goal. Also, beware of burning out. We can take it as a marathon, not a sprint. Small controlled advances will get us a little bit further and that's why we need a strong WHY so in the low moments when we are tired and thinking about quitting, we will stick to it.

The fact that Jimmy is aware of it, means that he can take steps to solve it. We have no doubt he will end up doing something worth his time!