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Bob Bass

Email me at if you think we can work with each other or geek out about some cool technologies. I'm a software developer and I have owned a debt collection agency for the past decade which I recently sold to pursue software and automation. I'm creating a debt collection platform to fix all of the flaws that seem to be largely ignored in the ARM industry. I'm investing time and money into this startup with the uncertainty of what it takes to pursue this particular path. My software stack is what I refer to as MyEVN-F: 🐬 MySQL ⚡ Express ⩔ VueJS/ ⩒ Vuetify ⬢ Node 🔥 Firebase/▤ Firestore I got my start in Visual C#.NET and I'm currently placing in the top 50 globally with Soon I need to decide if I'm going to bootstrap the whole thing or seek funding.