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Feedback: from push to pull

When we ask people to list their most difficult conversations, feedbak always comes up. It doesn't matter who they are wherethey are, what they do, or why they brought us in. They describe just how tough it is to give honest feedback, even when they know it's sorely needed. They tell us about performance problems that go unaddressed for years and explain that when they finally give the feedback, it rarely goes well. The coworker is upset and defensive, and ends up less motivated, not more.

In today's workplace, feedback plays a crucial role in developing talent, improving morale, aligning teams, solving problems, and boosting the bottom line. Something isn't working. Organizations are spending billions of dollars each year to train supervisors, managers, and leaders on how to give feedback more effectively. When feedback meets resistance or is rejected outright, givers are encourage to be persistent, to push harder. We think we have it backwards - Excerpt ffrom 'Thanks for the feedback' - Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen


The hard things about feedback

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