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Taking the survivor over victim's approach [Charles Munger]

Fredi 12

Mental Framing The best attitude in life

Validate value hypothesis and then scale - In this order and 1 at a time

Fredi 9

Product Management It's not a lack of ambition, it's building on top of stronger foundations

Tough week, Growing Week

Fredi 4

Mental Framing I tried hard, expected recognition and found frustration. We can grow from these situations

Mind your thoughts in the moment

Fredi 3

Mental Framing "Nothing in life is as important as you think it is while you are thinking about it" - Daniel Kahneman

Assessing the Value proposition risk of your product is key for success

Fredi 1

Product Management There are three main risks when building up a product. Value Proposition, Usability and Technical risks. The first one is the most critical.