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Mental Framing

The problem with the Reward-Punishment education

Fredi 1

"If no one is going to praise me, I won't take appropriate action and If no one is going to punish me, I'll engage in inappropriate actions, too"

Mental Framing

Overcoming Impostors Syndrome

Fredi 2

A few ideas on how to overcome impostor's syndrome

Product Management

The trap of being busy with the "unimportant stuff" keeps you away from deep-thinking

Fredi 19

I feel that having time for deep thinking and better preparation makes meetings shorter and more productive.


A love letter to Vue.js

Bob Bass 9

Vue.js has stolen my heart and I felt the need to process my reasoning for why that is.

Book concepts

National Entrepreneurs Day from Antifrigility's book

Fredi 10

Loving the message from Nassim Nicholas Taleb for a National Entrepreneurs Day.

Mental Framing

Smart people simplify

Fredi 7

Simplifying is very hard and it should be tried more often.